Specification Sheets


FFSB008004 Bolt-Down
FFSB008005 In-Ground
FFSB008006 Removable

FFSB008010 Ø165 mm Bolt-Down

FFSB008011 Ø165 mm In-Ground

FFSB008012 Ø165 mm Removable

FFSB008019 Ø140 mm Bolt-Down

FFSB008020 Ø140 mm In-Ground

FFSB008021 Ø140 mm Removable

FFSB008013 Ø165 mm Bolt-Down

FFSB008014 Ø165 mm In-Ground

FFSB008015 Ø165 mm Removable

FFSB008016 Ø140 mm Bolt-Down

FFSB008017 Ø140 mm In-Ground

FFSB008018 Ø140 mm Removable

FFSB008022 Bolt-Down
FFSB008023 In-Ground
FFSB008024 Removable

FFSA008001 Bolt-Down

FFSA008002 In-Ground

FFSA008003 Removable


FFSC008003 Bolt-Down – 150 NB
FFSC008004 In-Ground – 150 NB
FFSC008005 Removable – 150 NB
FFSC008008 Bolt-Down – 125NB
FFSC008009 In-Ground – 125NB
FFSC008010 Removable – 125NB
FFSC008036 Removable – Ground Fixture

FFSB008033 Bolt-Down
FFSB008034 In-Ground

Litter Receptacles

FFSB013002 120L Litter
FFSB013004 120L Recycling
FFSB013003 240L Litter
FFSB013005 240L Recycling
FFSB013006 120L  Pyramid Lid Litter
FFSB013008 120L Pyramid Lid Recycling
FFSB013007 240L Pyramid Lid Litter
FFSB013022 120L Steel Slatted Litter
FFSB013024 120L Steel Slatted Recycling
FFSB013023 240L Steel Slatted Litter
FFSB013025 240L Steel Slatted Recycling

FFSB013026 120L Litter
FFSB013028 120L Recycling
FFSB013027 240L Litter
FFSB013029 240L Recycling

FFSA013006 120L Litter

FFSA013003 120L Recycling

FFSA013004 240L Litter

FFSA013005 240L Recycling


FFSC013030 / FFSC013036 240L Litter – Slotted Body, Canopy Lid – Grade 304/316 Stainless Steel

FFSC013031 / FFSC013037 240L Litter – Slotted Body, Letter Box Lid – Grade 304/316 Stainless Steel

FFSC013032 / FFSC013038 240L Recycling – Slotted Body, Letter Box Lid – Grade 304/316 Stainless Steel


FFSC013033 / FFSC013039 240L Litter – Wave Body, Canopy Lid – Grade 304/316 Stainless Steel

FFSC013034 / FFSC013040 240L Litter – Wave Body, Letter Box Lid – Grade 304/316 Stainless Steel

FFSC013035 / FFSC013041 240L Recycling – Wave Body, Letter Box Lid – Grade 304/316 Stainless Steel

FFSB013010 120L Litter
FFSB013011 240L Litter
FFSB013012 120L Recycling
FFSB013013 240L Recycling

FFSB013018 120L Litter
FFSB013020 120L Recycling
FFSB013019 240L Litter
FFSB013021 240L Recycling


FFSA003017 Assembly
FFSA003018 Wheelchair Access One End
FFSA003019 Wheelchair Access Both Ends

FFSA003012 Assembly
FFSA003012 Wheelchair Access One End

FFSA003021 Wheelchair Access One End
FFSA003022 Wheelchair Access Both Ends

FFSC003001 Bolt Down
FFSC003002 In Gorund

FFSA003002 Wheelchair Access One End
FFSA003003 Wheelchair Access Both Ends

FFSA003016 Bolt Down
FFSA003017 In Ground
FFSA003018 Wheelchair Access Bolt Down
FFSA003019 Wheelchair Access In Ground

FFSB003004 Bolt Down
FFSB003005 In Ground
FFSB003022 Rectangle Platform Bolt Down
FFSB003023 Rectangle Platform In Ground
FFSB003024 Square Platform Bolt Down
FFSB003025 Square Platform In Ground
FFSB003026 Square Table Bolt Down
FFSB003027 Square Table In Ground
FFSB003028 Circular 1000 OD Bolt Down
FFSB003029 Circular 1200 OD Bolt Down
FFSB003030 Circular 1500 OD Bolt Down

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Standard Colour Range

Duralloy® is an ideal choice for architectural residential fittings such as aluminium windows, doors, balustrades, fences, as well as interior items and other metal substrates. Supported by a 10 year durability warranty* on architectural aluminium for BCA Class 1 and Class 10 residential projects, when applied by a Dulux® Registered Applicatorc
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