With our extensive experience working with Councils, Urban Design Teams and Landscape Architects – we can provide a full-service, customised product solution to meet your open space needs.

From the initial concept and design to manufacturing and installation, our team takes care of every detail – ensuring the final product is the highest quality and reflects the unique spirit of each project and community.  With a wide range of original Furphy Foundry designs to choose from – and the ability to modify or create custom solutions – our expert team can help provide the right urban design products for any Australian public environment.

We offer:

  • A large existing range of quality products in varying styles, or the option for clients to collaborate with us to develop a creative custom-designed range specifically tailored for an individual project
  • Integrated open space solutions that provide a consistent look to bring the community’s vision to life, and considers every aspect from large-scale Structures to Street & Park Furniture for public use
  • Collaborative design and material concepts that can respond to the individual aesthetic clients require as well as the changing needs of the communities they operate in

To find out more about our Design services, contact us or call 1300 768 230.

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