The Access Barbecue/BBQ provides full accessibility to people using wheelchairs with a remarkable radial space underneath the bench.  Available in single and double configurations.


  • The Furphy Intuitive cooking System
  • Furphy’s unique BBQ waste bag collection assembly
  • All features of the Premium Barbecue
  • Recessed cabinet allowing wheelchair access
  • Designed using AS1428 design for access and mobility
  • Collaborated with Access Consultant for design and usability
  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Delivered fully assembled and ready-for-use
  • Optional configurations
    • Double with Two Hot Plates
    • Double with One Hot Plate and One Sink



Tough and Durable

To meet the challenges of regular use in the great outdoors, Furphy Barbecues are made with the highest regard to detail and with fit-for-purpose toughness. The Evolve and Access models are built with a marine grade stainless steel bench top, supported by a thick robust aluminium frame, encased in Colorbond sheeting and panels, with heavy duty marine ply. The Premium takes durability a step higher, designed and manufactured with stainless steel throughout.
You can be confident that the one-piece pressed stainless steel hot plate on all models (and available for custom facilities or retrofits) provides strength, longevity and performance.

Cooking Performance

The hallmark of the patented Intuitive Cooking Control used in Furphy Barbecues is simplicity of use for maximum performance.
The single button, one press button initializes the auto-sterilization of the cook top, as the heat increases to 230˚C in industry-leading time. Auto shut-off after 30 minutes (with an option of one-press shut-off) ensures energy efficiency.
Furphy’s patented Intuitive Cooking Control, using digital technology, monitors plate temperature more quickly than commonly used mechanical thermostats, and adjusts accordingly, giving a more consistent temperature across the plate all the way to the edges.
Thanks to combining this technology and a stainless steel plate – no more lukewarm cooking.
The Intuitive Cooking Control as tested by independent authority accredited by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities Australia) has the fastest heat-up times and temperature consistency on the market.

Easy Cleaning + Maintenance

With many public barbecues being cleaned hundreds of time per year, minutes saved during each clean quickly add-up, and represent significant cost savings. Furphy Barbecues are designed with innovative features that ensure quick-and-easy cleaning.
With no exterior entrapment points, ventilation holes or buttons around the hot plate, high pressure water cleaning can be used with a minimum of fuss, and without fear of damaging internal electronics (which are protected within an IP65-rated enclosure).
The frame of the barbecue is designed to ensure no entrapment ledges or points where water, grease or other debris can lodge.
The rapid heating up times of the Furphy hotplates quickens cleaning time for cleaners.
The unique “waste bag” provides the fastest and most cost-effective method of cleaning residual cooking waste on the market.

Warranty + After Service Sales

All Furphy barbecues come with a five year structural and two year electrical warranty, backed by nation-wide servicing and parts supply.

Furphy’s smart plug-and-play electronics ensure that in the event of malfunction, the barbeques can be quickly repaired without the need to run diagnostics, and less mechanical parts mean greater reliability.



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