Quality cooking, smart design

on Friday, 17 February 2017. Posted in The Projects

The heart of the new Furphy Barbecue range is the clever, thoughtful design behind the Intuitive Cooking Control System.

After the installation is completed, and the barbecue is cleaned and maintained, it is the cooking performance that will define the barbecue in the minds of the end user.

Behind the moulded 444-grade stainless steel finish, is an array of features that make the Furphy Intuitive Cooking System the definitive addition for public parks.

The single button, one press button initialises the auto-sterilisation of the cooktop, as the heat increases to 230°C in quick smart time (quicker than high-selling competitors).

Auto shut-off after 30 minutes – with an option of one-press shut-off – ensures energy efficiency.

Furphy’s patented Intuitive Cooking Control, using digital technology, monitors plate temperature more quickly than commonly used mechanical thermostats, and adjusts accordingly, giving a more consistent temperature across the plate all the way to the edges.

Thanks to combining this technology with the 444-grade stainless steel plate, there will be no more stewing steaks in the park.

With no entrapment points or ventilation holes or buttons around the hot plate, cleaners are free to clean the barbecue quickly and efficiently using a high pressure water cleaner, without fear of damaging electrical circuitry.

And with the one-piece plate, made from stamped stainless steel, there are no nooks or crevices for bacteria to build up.

The Furphy hot plate, which comes standard with all Furphy Barbecue models, is the quintessential Aussie cooking appliance for park goers.

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