Play Hard … and Don’t Forget to Drink

The aim of the new $8 million multi-purpose sporting facility in Harrisdale, Western Australia, is to give families a place to keep active and moving.

Furphy’s Foreshore Drinking Fountain is the perfect addition to the facility, ensuring everyone can hydrate appropriately after a game or workout. A Fulcrum Picnic Setting and Fulcrum Seat were also installed – for those ready for a rest.

The ultra-stylish Foreshore Drinking Fountain has a 316-grade stainless steel material construction with electro polish finish which provides durability and anti-corrosive properties with low maintenance requirements.

The Foreshore has a self-draining capability which sets it apart from other drinking fountain models. This is made possible by using two connections running inside, an inlet and outlet.

The inlet allows water to flow from the mains to the bubbler, the unused overflow drains down to the attached dog bowl to provide clean drinking water to pets. When the bowl reaches its water level limit, it has a drain hole which automatically drains it down through the outlet where it can be connected to the stormwater.

This minimise accidents caused by water spillage on the ground at the same time keeping the dog bowl clean without daily maintenance requirements.

The Foreshore Drinking Fountain also incorporates a wheelchair access design which makes it easier for people with impairments to use the facility. With its contemporary-modern design, this would be a great addition to any open public space or environment.

The Sports Facility, strategically located between two schools, is the first of nine facilities in Armadale marked to be available through shared use arrangements between the council and the Department of Education. It was opened in December last year.

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