Custom viewing platform fence at Fordham Gardens

on Monday, 07 July 2014. Posted in Custom

We have the ability to manufacture high-quality custom products for many applications. Recently, we were asked to provide some custom fencing for a viewing platform at the beautiful Fordham Gardens, VIC.

Driving the project was Heath Aromataris (Team Leader, Formal Gardens and Design) and Bernadette Carroll (Formal Gardens and Design Coordinator) from the City of Boroondara. We worked with both Heath and Bernadette to turn their design concept into a working reality.

The fencing panels have been designed to appear like the bamboo trees which surround the large water feature in Fordham Gardens. The result is truly unique and a great example of our custom capabilities.

Products: Custom Decorative Fence Panels
Client: City of Boroondara


 Download the PDF flyer for this project here


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