100% recycled aluminium

on Monday, 18 April 2016. Posted in The Projects


At Furphy Foundry, we manufacture our castings using 100% recycled aluminium to produce high quality, long lasting and low maintenance products.

Using 100% recycled aluminium is a significant sustainability practice, this accounts for more than 90% of the energy required in producing cast aluminium from the base material of bauxite. Aside from this, recycled aluminium also decreases emission of greenhouse gases by more than 15% vs the base material equivalent.

Casting aluminium is a versatile way of transforming aluminium into a specific shape or design. There are several methods for casting aluminium, we use gravity die casting at Furphys. The process starts off with a main mould which has two parts, each part is then filled with bonded sand and left to cure. Once cured the sand moulds are then placed together and clamped so they cannot separate. When enough sand moulds are ready the 100% recycled aluminium ingots are placed in a melting pot and heated until they are molten, where the melting pot is then moved into position and poured into the sand moulds until filled. The sand moulds are then left to cool and then pulled apart to display the shape and design of the cooled aluminium. These pieces are then trimmed, and cleaned up before any final holes, threads or other processes take place. The pieces can then be used in their raw state or powder coated to a desired colour.

Cast aluminium provides an aesthetically superior design and finish and requires less maintenance than most metals which is why it is preferred in street furniture design. Moulds can be produced to specific designs and best used where multiples are required over time.

Take a look at our products made with cast aluminium materials here.

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