The Corso, architecturally designed suite

on Tuesday, 14 June 2016. Posted in The Projects

If the striking modern design with enhanced architectural features can’t convince you enough then consider the low maintenance and high corrosion resistance the Corso suite has to offer. Want more? Then, how about the environmentally friendly use of 100% recycled cast aluminium?

Our Corso Suite comprises of three product elements: seat, litter receptacle and bollard. These are all designed with one principle in mind, uniquely architectural features, while providing the highest quality to ensure you get long lasting and low maintenance products.

The Corso seat has a uniquely designed bolt down base, giving a modern attractive appearance. The seat length is 1800mm and that perfect comfortable seating height of 450mm. It is made with 304-grade stainless steel fixings, cast aluminium frames, polished arm rests and oiled hardwood timber slats. The combination of timber and aluminium on this seat makes it a suitable selection for any environment that requires a modern urban design.

The Corso litter and recycle bin enclosures have a cast aluminium design element that is architecturally modern and attractive. With the option to coat the cast frame in a contrasting colour to the Stainless steel to enhance these features. Available in 120 litre and 240 litre capacities suitable for wheelie bins. Given the clever design you can add laser cutting of your own design or Council name into the stainless steel sides.

The Corso bollard has a fabulous architectural design, the shape uniquely represents a building design (similar to the empire state building). With a height of 1000mm, this cast aluminium column will effectively manage, direct and slow down vehicular and foot traffic in busy areas. Also, this bollard can be finished with powder or epoxy coating to match any colour landscape design.

All our cast products are made using 100% recycled aluminium, cast aluminium street furniture is built to stand the test of time in the toughest of environments providing the ultimate outdoor furniture solution.

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