Street furnitures for Darebin (Victoria)

on Thursday, 17 December 2015.

Furphy Foundry recently worked with Citywide Constructions, Bellemo & Cat Architects and Jack Hotakorian & Associates Engineering for an urban nodes project as part of the Reservoir Streetscape Upgrade in Darebin, Victoria. The nodes were constructed between the Edwardes and Byfield Streets which is widely used as a local shopping precinct and sits just across the road from the busy Reservoir Train Station.

Furphy Foundry provided customised circular and plinth mounted seatings, bike racks and pedestrian barriers to complement the modern urban design aesthetics of the area.

The circular seating units were built to add a playful vibe to the area as well as to encourage communal seating. Each seat consists of hot-dipped galvanised steel frames and hardwood timber slats stained with walnut tint to protect the seating from any harsh weather conditions and prolong its lifespan. Also, a custom laser cut pattern was added around the base of each seat to reflect the cultural identity of the Reservoir.

To encourage communal seating further and to enclose the site as well, custom plinth mounted seating was installed with modified fixing points to suit the specific on site concrete plinth works. These seats use the same materials with the circular seats however, they differ in style as these include back and armrests. While some of the seats have an armrest placed on the right hand side to provide support on one end, others have it mid-part to support seating on both sides of the bench.

Since part of the upgrade is to improve cycling facilities, we have provided uniquely designed bike racks. These racks are made of mild steel which provide heavy duty support and hot dipped galvanised for longevity and low maintenance from scratches and the like.

Pedestrian barriers were also placed to provide added protection. They are designed quite differently to the more traditional bollard and balustrade style since architects opted for a circular channel section rolled to specific diameter with an allowance for in-ground and sub-surface installation. These metal barriers and all other steel works were finished with Dulux Blaze Blue powder coat to give the area more character and modern vibrant style.

With Furphy Foundry's years of experience, we have become experts in providing custom street and park furniture s for any public space.

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