Litter and recycling receptacles

on Thursday, 19 November 2015.

Furphy Foundry is dedicated in producing high-quality products for low maintenance and long life cycles. With our unique manufacturing capabilities, we were able to come up with a diverse range of litter and recycling receptacles to provide practical and effective solutions to help manage waste.

Our products in this range are designed to meet local aesthetic requirements. To cater different site conditions, we have a selection of different materials for our litter and recycling enclosures; cast aluminium and stainless steel for superior low maintenance and coastal or high corrosive areas and galvanised steel for a lower cost option but still providing a low maintenance solution which is more suitable for low to medium corrosive environments. Some of our bin enclosures use a combination of steel and hardwood timber slats or wood plastic composite (WPC) to give it a versatile and stylish look.

Our standard range of litter and recycling receptacles come in two sizes 120 and 240 litres to cater for the same size wheelie bins. These sizes are generally used depending on low or high volume areas, but we can also cater for any other size or variations to suit your specific requirements.

Our range caters for different top lid and waste entry point designs for Aesthetical reasons (pyramid, curved, angled and flat) but where a hood is integrated its function is keeping rain out of the bin located inside the receptacle. For the recycling receptacle, a rubber hole insert and stainless steel ring is placed on the outside so it detracts people from placing general waste into the bin and promotes placing bottles, cups and those recycled items.

We use a lockable door entry with a 7mm Triangle lock which prevents anything other than a dedicated key from opening the receptacle. We can also cater for your requirements if they differ from using this system.

The Furphy standard Corio, Woodgrove and Avenue litter and recycling receptacles use a simple bolt down attachment mechanism for flat installations. With our other bin enclosures, we use an adjustable brass foot mechanism which is perfect for uneven or sloping surfaces, especially where a gradient for water runoff is present.

Our litter and recycling receptacles are easily modified, we can change the finish and colours, add your town, council or other logo with laser cutting into the sides of the bins or by using outdoor specific vinyl stickers. We can join bins enclosures together and have these enclosures allocating for a specific use; litter, bottle recycle, plastic recycle, paper recycle, doggie litter or many other uses.

We can also provide custom solutions beyond these changes and in fact we can assist you in the design of a litter and recycling solution for your project, city or council to fit an exact local design and requirement.

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