Custom work: It’s what we do best.

on Monday, 21 March 2016.

Every project has its own requirement in terms of design, budget and location. For some projects, locations and budgets a standard product will be the perfect solution, however when a project needs to be represented in a uniquely local way it is generally then we see the need for custom furniture being required.

Customising allows you to take control of the design, materials and finish for your project. While custom products may take more time in terms of design and manufacture the outcomes are specific and create a feeling within the space of a project.

We have completed many custom projects; from design statements to custom plinth seating and litter receptacles that cater for extended recycling options. We have over the years, helped design these items for manufacturability and budget. We have also provided alternative material selections to help the budget or lower the maintenance depending on the overall outcome our customers require, we work to produce customer focused solutions.

One of our custom advantages is the fact that we produce castings from our foundry section; we produce these from 100% recycled aluminium. We can design tooling and cast pieces that are specific to a council, area or as an individual’s suite. The design flexibility with casting is enormous and over the years we have produced many individual outcomes, including castings which are part of the balustrade that flows around the infamous Sydney Harbour.

We are able to develop robust, unique and aesthetically pleasing pieces or suites of furniture tailored to complement any streetscape, park or urban project. Our team of experts can help you finalise your concept to make sure it will meet all your requirements.

Have a look on our website at our previous custom project photos or download our case studies for further information on custom products. Feel free to contact one of our agents in your state or give us a call at our Shepparton manufacturing plant on 03 5831 2777.

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