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With a wide range of original Furphy Foundry designs to choose from – and the ability to modify or create custom products - the expert team at Furphy Foundry can provide the right urban design product for any Australian public environment. 

Browse through our wide range of Street Furniture products including Picnic Settings, Park Seats, Benches, Bollards, Litter Receptacles, Bike Racks, Shelters and more.

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Impact and Community Protection Furniture (10)

Furphy’s Foundry Impact and Community Protection Street Furniture Range is designed to ensure safety for crowded places or wherever pedestrians are present near roads. This may include footpaths, pedestrian malls, busy street cafes, stadiums or at major events.
Impact and Community Protection Furniture

Barbecues (5)

Furphy Barbecues are engineered from the ground up for public use. Our outdoor barbecues are durable, efficient, easy to clean, and low maintenance.

Furphy Water Cart Tank Ends (Limited Edition) (1)

The Furphy Water Cart is an iconic piece of Australian manufacturing history. This limited edition series of tank ends will be manufactured by the Furphy Foundry and cast in aluminium with a new design reflecting the current day activities of the companies.
Furphy Water Cart Tank Ends (Limited Edition)

Furniture Suites (8)

We have unified the key design elements across a series of popular and well-built urban design products. The result is seven complete Furniture Suites.
Furniture Suites

Aluminium collection (3)

Low maintenance, corrosion and scratch resistant and non staining - our aluminium collection (with aluminium slats) is the solution for high impact areas.
Aluminium collection

Picnic Settings (14)

Our Picnic Setting range is one of the most comprehensive offerings in Australia. Each unique design is carefully hand-manufactured in our Shepparton Foundry
Picnic Settings

Seats (25)

Public Seating is an essential aspect of modern urban and outdoor design. We can provide the right Seat for any Australian public environment.

Benches (16)

Complementary to our Seating and Picnic Settings, our wide range of Benches have been designed to be used in harsh Australian outdoor or high-use indoor conditions.

Litter & Recycling Receptacles (11)

Built with high quality materials, the Furphy Foundry Litter and Recycling bin receptacle and enclosure range provide durable, stylish, cost effective and low maintenance waste management solutions for any Australian environment.
Litter & Recycling Receptacles

Bike Racks (2)

Manufactured in Australia, our range of Bike Racks provide practical solutions to the growing issue of safe bike storage in public areas.
Bike Racks

Drinking Fountains (5)

Our range of Drinking Fountains has been created to provide safe, clean and cost effective public drinking facilities that are ideal for public environments.
Drinking Fountains

Bollards (11)

Ranging from simple and elegant through to detailed and high-end, our range of Bollards have been designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

Tree Furniture (6)

Our range of Tree Furniture which includes Guards and Grates are ideal for facilitating the growth of plants in public spaces.
Tree Furniture

Shelters (6)

We produce a range of high-quality Shelters designed specifically for parks, urban environments, sporting areas, community areas and bus stops.
Pacific Litter Receptacle

Pacific Litter Receptacle

The Pacific Litter Receptacle has been designed to accommodate 240 litre wheelie bins and is available in litter-only or litter-and-recycling setups. Materials perfect for coastal environments. High-quality, durable door locks and a bolt-down attachment make the receptacles robust enough for high-use areas.

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