Bollards – 3 Tips to Hide Trolley Abrasion

Bollards are a great addition to road sides, storefronts, shopping centres, school zones, urban nodes and wherever pedestrians share road spaces. Installing bollards in an area visualizes to both vehicles and pedestrians that caution is required.

Furphy Foundry offers a wide range of standard bollards designed for cost-efficiency and longevity. We can also modify our designs or manufacture a custom solution for your particular project and location.

Our standard Bollard range consists of several designs constructed in, mild steel, cast aluminium and stainless steel. Mild Steel bollards offer a strong solution while also providing durability, which require a protective finish from the elements. Cast aluminium bollards offer high design flexibility as well as an excellent anti-corrosive properties for long durability and low maintenance, they are generally the best solution for long term value. Stainless steel also provides a long term solution to coastal or non-coastal areas with contemporary designs available.

If bollards are used in areas that are likely to see abrasion from shopping trolleys and the like then here are a few great tips that will have the maintenance teams cheering and your bollards looking great for longer:

  1. If using steel, ensure the bollards are hot dipped galvanised as this increases the abrasion resistance due to the thickness of the coating. Also look at coating over the top of the hot dipped galvanising in a very similar colour to the galvanising, if any scratches occur they are become less visible by using the same or similar colour.
  2. If using aluminium, look at leaving it raw if costs are a concern, or use a powder coat in the same colour (silver/grey) as this will help hide scratches and marks.
  3. If using stainless steel, ensure you purchase the bollard with a high polish (No. 4 or better) and not a brushed finish. Polishing takes out the microscopic undulations and highly reduces tea staining formed from airborne pollutants.

Our Bollards are 100% proudly made in Australia with high quality materials, these bollards are able to withstand harsh environments while providing long-term protection and security for public and property alike.

For more information on Bollards or Impact Security, you can view our comprehensive range here or you can contact us.

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