Spike Roller: Cast, not Forged

In the early 1880’s, Furphy’s increased its capacity to manufacture implements with the addition of a cupola Iron Furness. Component parts could then be cast, rather than forged.

One such product was the making of spike roller sections.

The spike roller was used for breaking down heavy clods prior to sewing seed and compacting air pockets from soil.

The roller sections were two feet long, cylindrical, and 20 inches in diameter.

Six sections were slid onto an axle shaft making a 12 food wide roller with cast bearings each end and a towing frame attached.

In the 1960s a Ridge Roller became an option and used extensively in other areas and soil types.

The Spike Rollers were a consistent seller for the foundry particularly in dry season.

They were superseded by other rollers capable of broad acre farming techniques in the 1970s.

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