Leadership in Sustainable Manufacturing – Powered by Clean, Green, Energy

Furphy Foundry is now manufacturing its full range of products using a Clean Energy Source, made possible with the installation of solar panels across its various plants in Shepparton, Victoria. The manufacturing company that produces street and park furniture and open space structures, has also modernised its casting plant with the implementation of a new electric induction furnace.

These environmental upgrades were thanks to a grant contribution from the Victorian State Government, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning created to help businesses reduce energy costs and slash emissions.

“We were thrilled to receive notice that our grant application for the Business Recovery Energy Efficiency Fund was successful,” says Furphy Foundry Managing Director, Sam Furphy. “This has really assisted in changing our operations and our contribution towards a cleaner and greener environment by our business, and we are very pleased to be doing our part.”

Because of these recent upgrades, all of Furphy Foundry’s power requirements are now generated from solar energy and any surplus energy stays in the grid. Meanwhile the newly installed electric induction furnace not only offers a reduced carbon footprint but reduces costs and creates a safer working environment.

“We can now proudly say that all products produced by Furphy Foundry are made from a Clean Energy Source, and that is very good for business,” Mr Furphy said.

Clean energy isn’t the only environmentally friendly initiative Furphy Foundry has a proud history of continuous innovation. Their timber, for example, is sustainably sourced, harvested from sources around Australia. Castings and slats are made from 100 per cent recycled aluminium which uses only 5 per cent of the energy it takes to create aluminium from scratch.

Many of the manufactured materials Furphy Foundry uses in its products also have a low environmental impact. For instance, Wood Plastic Composite which is a durable and versatile material made from wood fibres, plastic, and inorganic fillers, while High Density Polyethylene, used in a range of outdoor benches.

Furphy Foundry is one of Australia’s oldest companies and a fifth-generation family business. From its beginnings producing farming equipment, it is now a diversified manufacturing company specialising in outdoor public space products which are sold throughout Australian and Overseas. We’re proud to say our products are 100% Australian Owned and Made.

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