Unveiling Furphy Foundry's bright, new addition

on Monday, 16 January 2017. Posted in The Projects


An announcement like this in the 19th century would seize the attention of kings, queens and princes – Furphy Foundry present aluminium slats as an option for several of their park settings, benches and seats.

The shimmering metal slats, produced at the Furphy Foundry, are a welcome addition to the range for those looking to install park furniture in high corrosive areas or to benefit from its low maintenance, scratch resistant appeal.

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Back in the 19th century, such slats would be under heavy guard and sought by the elite, esteemed for their high value because of their absolute rarity.

Although aluminium is the most common metal in the earth’s crust, and almost twice as abundant as iron, it was once regarded as more precious than gold and silver.

This was because isolating the metal from the raw material remained a mystery, and even after a German chemist managed to extract a few flakes in the 1820s, mass production remained decades away.

In the meantime, while rare, kings and queens dined with aluminium cutlery, the French Government paraded aluminium bars beside the crown jewels, and America capped the Washington moment with a six-pound pyramid of aluminium in 1884 as a symbol of its industrial prowess.

Over 100 years later, aluminium mass production is common, and Furphy’s Shepparton Foundry, is producing park and street furniture made with this strong, light and durable metal without a security guard in sight!

Todd Huggard, General Manager of Furphy Foundry, said adding the option of aluminium slats is in response to customer needs, and a natural extension to several of Furphy’s most popular products.

“We are now making several products within our picnic setting, bench and seat ranges, available with an aluminium slat option, where previously they were only available with hardwood timber or composite material.

“We have the in-house expertise in aluminium production, and know what it means to match the product with the environment to ensure durability. Aluminium is the answer on many occasions.”

Customers can now order any seats, benches or picnic setting within the Civic, Fulcrum Metro, Promenade and Woodgrove ranges with aluminium slats, or ask about custom solutions.


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