The Foreshore Drinking Fountain

on Tuesday, 14 July 2015.

Made from 316 grade stainless steel and finished with an electro polish, this signature Furphy Foundry product represents a dedication to manufacturing excellence.

Originally made to combat the corrosion issues caused by sea breezes and saltwater, the Foreshore Drinking Fountain has become highly regarded for its durability and style.

Distinguished by a sleek and elegant design, the Foreshore Drinking Fountain not only serves its purpose as a provider of fresh water to the community - it also improves the overall aesthetic integrity of any public space.

There are hundreds of Foreshore Drinking Fountains located in coastal and non-coastal locations throughout Australia.

Available with or without a dog water bowl, the Foreshore Drinking Fountain is available in bolt-down or with a rag bolt down attachment.

Furphy Foundry also produce the Cascade Drinking Fountain, the Sandford Drinking Fountain and the London Drinking Fountain.



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