Street safety | Cast aluminium bollards

on Tuesday, 15 December 2015.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is expected to see people flocking in public spaces such as restaurants, picnic areas and shopping centres which causes increased foot and vehicle traffic in these areas. One proven way to help manage a higher level of safety is by using bollards. Bollards are posts that help slow, direct and control all types of traffic as well as highlight safety hazards or concerns in busy public areas.

At Furphy Foundry, we have a wide range of bollard designs to suit many client specifications. We only use high quality materials and finishes that will endure the rigours of public use. Most of our popular bollard products are made with some cast aluminium involved. Cast aluminium offers a design flexibility that is hard to get using other durable products, it also is an excellent anti corrosive material for long durability. It is light weight, making it easy to install and due to all these reasons it is a low maintenance and low total cost over the product life cycle.

The Furphy Foundry bollards come in various design styles and have options for installation including; in-ground, bolt-down or removable fixing methods. With in-ground installation, the bollard is fixed in place by submerging the base part into the ground. This is the best method as it is good for areas prone to vandalism due to its highly strong installation and it reduces trip hazards over the flanged bolt down method. Bolt-down installation on the other hand, is more convenient and quicker to install and makes replacement much easier if necessary. Whereas, the removable fixing method is preferred on areas that needs special access to restricted areas such as loading areas and wheelchairs access as it can be removed allowing for wider access.

Cast bollards are usually finished with a durable powder coat which has excellent adhesion abilities, and has a good range of the most popular colours to choose. The alternative is to use a 2pac paint system to match any colour which will complement any design aesthetic requirement.

Some of our designs are also paired with other Furphy street and park furniture like our London bollard which is paired with our London drinking fountain, take a look through the range of furniture suites for more information.

To know more about the other Furphy Foundry bollards, feel free to visit our website. You may also contact one of our local sales staff here.

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