Save by ordering the flat-pack option

on Friday, 10 March 2017. Posted in The Projects

We are on a mission to deliver customers better value! Our new flat pack delivery option is now available across our most popular street and park furniture seating ranges.

Due to the significant reduction of freighting volume, savings of up to 40% on delivery costs are possible by opting for flat-packed products over pre-assembled furniture.

Customers can now order flat-packed seats, benches and picnic settings in Civic, Fulcrum, Metro and Promenade designs, either in standard timber-slatted, or the new low maintenance aluminium slat option.

Furphy furniture has been expertly designed for quick assembly and our comprehensive easy-to-follow assembly instructions accompany every order. Simple!

Furphy is planning to extend the flat-packed option to more of its products ranges, so keep an ear out for more to come.

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