Safety first at Westfield Shopping Centres

on Friday, 11 December 2015.

Westfield is remarkably known for its chain of shopping centres all over the world. In 2003, it opened its doors in North Lakes, Queensland just around 30 kilometres north of Brisbane. Westfield North Lakes is situated in an area where nearby schools and other government buildings are dominant so traffic planning and control were taken into consideration. To keep the public safe especially the students coming from the nearby areas, Furphy Foundry bollards were installed around parts of the shopping centre. These bollards serve as guide as well as control the direction of foot and vehicle traffic in the area adding additional attraction rather than spoiling the shopping centre's design aesthetics. 

The Furphy Foundry B11 Bollard was used for this project which is one of our original designs and a popular choice given the contemporary aesthetic design. Each bollard stands 1000mm above ground with a 400mm installation and tag to provide great support for in-ground installation.

Like some of our other modern urban products, we combined a mild steel and cast aluminium for this product. The column is the mild steel component used for its cost efficient and high durability, while the aluminium cap is uniquely designed leading its self to be manufactured by a casting process. It is all finished with a silver colour powder coat for a clean and modern presentation.

Through the years, the Furphy Foundry B11 Bollards have proven to withstand many harsh environments keeping them looking good, standing still and providing safety for both pedestrian and vehicles all over Australia.

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