Meeting the security challenge with visual appeal

on Thursday, 25 January 2018. Posted in The Projects

Designers of public spaces are today presented with the new challenge of ensuring the highest level of security and protection for pedestrians in crowded places.

Whether for footpaths, pedestrian malls, busy street cafes or major events, the increasing focus on community protection is in response to several incidents of unauthorised, hostile or accidental attacks, using vehicles.

Aesthetics have been abandoned in some responses to this new imperative. Concrete blocks dropped on a footpath may address the immediate challenge, but detract from the overall visual appeal of the city or town scape, or may create an environment of unease.

Furphy Foundry, a company highly credentialed in the design and manufacture of street and park furniture, have developed a multi-faceted solution which can add visual appeal to any public space, while maximising security for pedestrians.

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Managing Director of Furphy Foundry, Sam Furphy, said that the company has developed its range of impact and community protection furniture as a complementary series of pieces, made predominately of reinforced concrete, that can seamlessly secure any public zone.

“We know we’ve done our job, when pedestrians see our new impact furniture, and not realise it’s there as a security measure as well,” Mr Furphy said.

“By using timber within our designs, and creating functional pieces such as seating and planter boxes, Furphy’s solution adds appeal as well as security. Pedestrians will enjoy protection without realising.

Government quote2“For example, you cannot see the reinforced concrete which forms the bulk of our square planter boxes, which weigh over half-a-tonne empty, as it is concealed with stained timber and topped with stainless steel flashing.

“Our products have been designed as either strategically placed permanent furniture or versatile and movable furniture to increase security during events or in changing crowded places.”

Steel reinforced fixing pins can be added for additional security when the furniture is installed permanently. The option is temporary installation, an important aspect for event planning, with each piece designed to be easily moved by forklift or truck-mounted crane.

With its 150-year history, and its reputation as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of street and park furniture, Impact and Community Protection street furniture is a natural extension to the Furphy product range.

Furphy’s new Impact and Community Impact Furniture is available nationwide, as well as an installation service.

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