Hampton Visitor Information Centre picnic setting

on Thursday, 14 January 2016.

Hampton Visitor Information Centre, located approximately 32kms north of Toowoomba, has become a regular stop over for tourists wanting to take photos of the 100-year-old building. It is one of the fully accredited visitor information centres within Toowoomba Regional Council area. The centre is a delightful place for tourists to pick up information, talk to a local or stay for some time while enjoying the warmth coming from the honey coloured hoop pine walls and wide planks of the tallowwood floors mixed with the smell of linseed oil finish.

Furphy Foundry Woodgrove Picnic Settings were selected for this particular project. The Woodgrove Picnic setting is sized at 1815mm (l) x 786mm (w) and 780mm (h) and was constructed from hot dipped galvanised steel finished in a powder coat with hardwood timber slats.

These picnic settings added beauty and life to the area and provided spaces where people can eat, rest and discuss the attractions in the area. It is a good place for a stop over after a long journey and buy some local produce.

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