Glenrowan Rest Area, Hume Highway, Victoria

on Thursday, 14 January 2016.

The Hume Highway is known to be one of Australia's major inter-city highways running 807 kilometres between Melbourne and Sydney. It is a vital link to transport goods to and from the two cities and also serves Albury-Wodonga and Canberra regions. The journey on this road takes approximately 10 hours so rest areas are necessary for travellers to pull over, eat, recharge and appreciate the numerous towns along the way. Glenrowan, a small town in Wangaratta and is one of the more popular rest points along the Hume mainly because of the Ned Kelly siege sites.

Furphy Foundry manufactured and supplied the shelter, picnic setting and litter receptacles for the north and south-bound lanes in Glenrowan rest area. The design elements of steel that were used linked directly with the famous Ned Kelly.



The shelter we used was a customised Furphy Provincial Shelter. It has a classic skillion roof design with steel front screen rafters to provide excellent shade from the sun's daily path while it controls the water flow during rainy seasons.

The shelter was entirely constructed with hot dipped galvanised steel since the area is exposed to sun, rain and high levels of road pollution. Hot dipped galvanised materials are more suitable in this kind of environment as it has a high level of corrosion resistance and requires low maintenance.


Picnic Setting

To match the all-steel shelter, we provided the Steel Slatted Council picnic setting. It is made with cast aluminium ends and hot dipped galvanised mild steel slats that create a versatile and robust design that complements Glenrowan's environment. It has a standard length size of 2000mm to accommodate a large group of travellers. It also has wheelchair access on both ends to accommodate people with access disabilities.


Litter Receptacles

The customised Avenue Litter Receptacle completes the rest area furniture. Two 240 litre bin enclosures were joined together to allocate for specific use; litter and paper or plastic recycle. The enclosures were constructed with galvanised steel and customised with a pyramid top lid to keep rain water out of the bin. It is also equipped with Furphy's unique lockable door entry with a 7mm triangle lock which prevents any other keys from opening the receptacle. These enclosures keep the rest area clean and usable for all travellers.

Like the street furniture we have provided for Glenrowan rest area, we can modify any of our standard products in terms of colour, materials and features to fit your specific project requirements.

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