Furphy grain-stripper broke new ground

on Thursday, 09 August 2018. Posted in The Projects

Although the famed water cart was John Furphy’s most well-known invention, it was his grain stripper that was eagerly sought by farmers at the time.

The horse-drawn Furphy grain stripper was one of several on the market at the time, designed to take only the grain head and leave the straw standing. Eventually these implements were replaced by mighty combine harvesters.

What set Furphy’s stripper apart from the rest was the oblique head and box arrangement that ensured that the right-hand draught horse didn’t tread down fresh crop.

The patent illustration shows the unusual combing finger arrangement, with the design going on to win first prize at the Grand National Show in 1884 and was sold widely throughout the nation.

At the International Exhibition in 1888-89 John Furphy’s entry of a grain-stripping machine, a furrow plough and iron swingle-trees were among those gaining the highest possible award.

With over 150 years of manufacturing tradition in Australia, design and innovation has been an essential part of the company’s longevity says fifth generation Sam Furphy.

"The legacy of the founder John Furphy continues to this day through the vast range of robust urban design furniture sold around the country," Sam said.

An original Furphy Harvester is on display at the Furphy Museum located in Shepparton Victoria.

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