Furphy earns top marks from educators

on Thursday, 28 September 2017. Posted in The Projects

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Imagine a school without seating. Where do you rest your laptop or book at a university if not for a park table?

Furphy Foundry understands that education and outdoor furniture are synonymous, and the demands of the campus environment.

Furphy have a long, productive history of working with the education sector, finding solutions and delivering products that are fit for purpose.

Custom work is Furphy’s specialty, and different schools require different colour palettes and design to retain consistency across their campuses.

For example, Furphy supplied St Kevin’s College Toorak with a combination of steel slatted bench seats and steel slatted Avenue Litter Receptacles that underpinned the branding guidelines of the renowned inner city boys’ school.

Customised seating was built for Melbourne University – a superb timber finish built for high traffic use.

Deakin University is populated by several Chaise Lounge seats, Metro and Corso litter receptacles and Metro park seating - all from Furphy.

For St. John Fischer College in Bracken Ridge, Furphy custom designed and manufactured curved steel-slated seating, ideal for group work and lunch time gatherings.

These are just four examples of multiple education campuses across Australia that have installed Furphy Foundry products.

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