Furphy Beer to go national

on Tuesday, 13 March 2018. Posted in The Projects

Furphy Beer side

Fifteen million litres per year of Furphy Beer, brewed at the Little Creatures’ Geelong brewery just wasn’t enough to keep up with demand.

After being launched in July 2014, the popularity of the Furphy Beer has stunned everyone, with 300% growth year-on-year for sales in Victoria, and an increasing demand nationally. Little Creatures invested $20 million and employed 21 extra staff in their Geelong brewery to keep pace.

Now, after becoming one of Victoria’s favourite beers, the stage is set for Furphy’s Refreshing Ale to be sold nationally.

While still being made with 100% Victoria hops and malt, the Little Creatures team made the decision to also brew Furphy in NSW. Head Brewer Warren Pawsey led the project, ensuring the beer is brewed to the  exact specifications.

Furphy was inspired by the German Kolsch style, but the beer that eventuated is closer to an Australian pale ale.

Sam Furphy, Director of Furphy Foundry, said it was exciting to watch the unexpected success of the beer which bears the name of his family, and carries such a proud Australian tradition.

 “What has been wonderful to see is this beer that was built on being manufactured for Victoria has blossomed here and there is now demand for it interstate,” he said.

“The Furphy family story isn’t unique to Victoria and we are very proud to be a national business and proud to see the demand is pulling the beer into different states, rather than it being something that’s manufactured and pushed across the country.”

Each stubby of Furphy Refreshing Ale carries the story of the Furphy name and heritage.

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