Furphy Barbecues: What our customers have asked

on Tuesday, 18 April 2017. Posted in The Projects

With the release of the new range of Furphy Barbecues on Australia Day, things have heated up quickly in the park. New Furphy barbecues are already heading to various open spaces and parks around Australia, as many of our customers have recognised that the inbuilt features perfectly fit their requirements. What were some of the questions asked by our customers?

What is the length of the electrical cord which comes standard with the Furphy Barbecue?

The length of the cord is 1.5 metres, and comes with a three-point plug.

When installing a Furphy Barbecue with two hot plates, do I need to provide two separate single power points or is a double power point sufficient?

Due to the power requirements of the hotplates, it is recommended that each has its own electrical circuit with a 20-amp breaker (RCM/MCB in the sub board), and a 10-amp weather-proof general power outlet (GPO).

Because there is no internal partition between the two hotplates in a double-plate barbecue, it is recommended to locate the power points in the middle of the barbecue’s housing, to allow for the location of the waste bag assembly unit on each side.

Furphy will supply customers with a schema for each model and configuration of barbecue indicating the best location for the conduit with power supply to be in the slab.

How big is the waste bag in Furphy Barbecues, and how often should it be emptied?Barbecue Waste Bag

The size of the heat resistant bag is 330 x 330 x 480. Once in the waste collection bin, this capacity is reduced to 300 x 250 x 300, giving it a capacity of 22 litres.

However, due to the potential weight, it is recommended to replace the waste bag at 15 litres. For a typical barbecue in a park, this would mean changing the barbecue after around 100 uses. Remember, every Furphy Barbecue comes with 50 extra waste bags, and there is a sticker inside each barbecue indicate how new bags can be ordered.

How do I re-order a supply of waste bags?

There is a sticker placed inside the door of every Furphy Barbecue, with details of how to re-order waste bags. They are available from BGC Industrial Cleaning Supplies (08-8268 7222 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and are not available from Furphy Foundry.

After turning off the hotplate, how long does it take to become cool enough to touch?

This will be marginally affected by external factors such as the temperature and rain, but the hotplate is safe to touch 15 minutes after it is turned off.

If left unattended and turned on, how long before the Furphy hotplate automatically turns off?

All Furphy Barbecues feature an auto shut-off after 30 minutes, with the option of a one-press shut-off.

What is the estimated life of the ignition button on the Furphy hotplate, before it needs replacing?

While there is no way of counting how many times an ignition button is pressed, it is estimated that they will last 35,000 uses.

With no ventilation holes around the Furphy Barbecue hotplate, where does the heat within the unit escape?

There are ventilation holes located underneath the ledge of the benchtop, on the sides. This configuration, with no ventilation holes around the plate, allows for easy cleaning of the hotplate with a high-pressure water gun if needed.

How many keys come with each Furphy barbecue?

Customers are supplied with two keys for every door on the barbecue – four for double barbecues and two for single.

You can download a Furphy BBQ FAQ Sheet here.


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