Furphy and Shepparton come to Melbourne

on Thursday, 26 April 2018. Posted in The Projects

Download WatercartMelbourne commuters and visitors were given the chance to experience great things about Shepparton, including Furphy Foundry, when Federation Square recently became “Shepp Square”.

As part of the showcase which ran for a week, Furphy Foundry exhibited some of its famous street furniture as well as a restored water cart.

Two young employees at Furphy Foundry, Josh O'Neil and Adam Menzies, were given the task of restoring the tank, the ends of which are estimated to be almost 100 years old.

The water cart was completely stripped down and repainted, including new timber for the horse rails, and finished-off with hand-painted lettering. Likewise, the wheels and axils were also stripped down and refurbished.

Within the hustle and bustle of modern Melbourne, the artefact from World War I contrasted sharply and drew much attention.

The water cart was originally used in Europe and the Middle East to carry water to troops, and the drivers of the cart were notorious sources of information and gossip for the men as they moved from camp to camp – which ultimately lead to the word “furphy” becoming part of the Australian vernacular.

Many other Shepparton businesses also displayed their wares at “Shepp Square”, raising awareness of one of Australia’s most liveable regional cities.

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