Fulcrum street furniture suite

on Thursday, 19 November 2015.

With over 150 years of manufacturing experience, Furphy Foundry is dedicated to the design and engineering of versatile and stylish street furniture and urban design products. One of our most successful street and park furniture collections is the Fulcrum Suite. The Fulcrum (as the name suggests) lends its design to a fulcrum or pivot point aesthetic, which highlights engineering excellence. This stylish design is backed by low maintenance materials and great value that extends into its overall life cycle. This collection includes a picnic setting, seat, park bench and litter receptacle with contemporary design aesthetics that will surely compliment any public space.

The Fulcrum Street Furniture Suites consist of quality recycled cast aluminium for its legs and framework, including armrests on seat designs. Cast aluminium is perfect for low maintenance and coastal applications due to its low corrosive properties, the fact that it’s recycled is an extra benefit to the community. These aluminium components can be powder coated or 2 pack wet sprayed to give a higher level of finish and help blend into any local surrounding. The fulcrum like all Furphy products use quality hardwood slats that are finished with Cutek CD-50 Extreme treatment for longevity and low maintenance. Cutek CD-50 Extreme is not a film coated finish that can peel off and look unsightly over time but a penetrating treatment that helps the timber grain hydrology retain a constant level reducing the chance of rotting and warping, we use a burnt red colourtone to help enhance the natural timber grain. For more information on the full Fulcrum Suite click here.

The Fulcrum Picnic Setting consists of (1) one table and (2) benches at 1800mm long which is perfect for spending an outdoor lunch with family or friends. The Fulcrum Picnic Setting is available with wheelchair access to one or both ends and can be customised for extended standard lengths (as shown above).

The Fulcrum Seat is manufactured at 1800mm long as standard which is the perfect size for three (3) adults or 2 adults and 2 children. The aluminium cast arms are a standard element and are polished to give a smooth comfortable feel for the seat users. The polished topside helps to eliminate dirt and debris whilst keeping the overall contemporary aesthetic design. The Fulcrum Seat can also be extended to longer lengths if desired.

The 120 litre Fulcrum Litter and Recycling Receptacle is an ideal addition to the Fulcrum collection. It’s made with cast aluminium and stainless steel panels providing the same anti-corrosive protection as the other suite products, which means is perfect for outdoor coastal spaces and low maintenance. The dual entry lid gives versatility for placement positions while eliminating the exposure to rain and weather conditions. Whether installed on flat or uneven and slightly sloping surfaces, the Fulcrum litter bin enclosure uses an adjustable brass bolt attachment mechanism so it can compensate for concrete fall etc. The bin is also secured with an anti-vandal triangle lock, and the cast ends and panels can be finished in powder coating or 2 pack wet spray coating system for blending into the local surrounds.

Our Fulcrum Park Bench has all the design and charm of the seat without the backing or arm rests. It provides a cost effective solution for low use areas or areas that want to provide a relaxed environment that users can lay on. The cast legs and frame can be finished to suit the surroundings and has the same hidden bolt down fixing system for improved safety.

Putting all these pieces together will surely add lasting style and comfort to any public space along with a low maintenance schedule. Feel free to visit our website to know more about Furphy Foundry's Fulcrum Suite Collection and other built-to-last products.

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