Endless design possibilities on the Horizon

on Wednesday, 16 August 2017. Posted in The Projects


Explorers of old, when searching for new lands, expectantly kept one eye on the horizon.

True to its name, Furphy’s latest park furniture product release – “Horizon” – is equally eye-catching.

A striking rest-stop for pedestrians featuring hardwood seating and “skirts” parallel to the ground, the Horizon range is much more than a single piece of furniture, but a landscape architect’s dream.

With three choices of joining modules (right-angle, straight or triangle), the Horizon presents an endless array of configuration possibilities.

By combining the two different lengths of either benches or seats (1.8 or three metre) with different connecting modules, the Horizon can be moulded to fit even the most complex open space.

Hardwood slats in a contemporary design contrast superbly with the steel plate armrests with a hot-dipped galvanised and powder-coated finish.


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