Bicycle parking: Spiral bike racks

on Thursday, 14 January 2016.

Bicycles have become a popular means of transportation for many Australians nowadays. It is more convenient to bike to a nearby food store, park or local shopping district however, bike parking can be quite difficult for customers as it is not always available. One great solution is to provide bike racks.

Bike racks provide designated parking spaces with the means of locking or chaining the bike up providing a safe place from vandalism or theft.

At Furphy, we have several bike rack designs, one of our more popular designs is the Spiral Bike rack. This type ticks both boxes: form and function. Its spiral design and stainless steel finish represent a contemporary look suitable for most locations.

Furphy’s Spiral Bike rack is available in standard 4 bay but can be customised or extended to meet your specific requirements. It’s made of 50.8mm (2”) O/D 304-grade polished stainless steel tube which provides a high degree of corrosion resistance and is also available in the higher 316 grade of stainless steel for those harsher environments like beach/sea side areas. Each ring is sized at 800mm (dia.) x 800mm and spaced at 650mm to fully support all standard bicycle sizes. It is available in two fitting styles; bolt down or in-ground attachment depending on if it’s an existing or new site for installation.

To see more of the spiral bike rack and other great designs click here, or feel free to contact our sales team for more information.


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