The outstanding features of Furphy Barbecues


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Tough and Durable

Furphy Barbecue equipment and supplies are crafted with consideration of environmental factors and intended use. Our Evolve model has a bench top made of marine grade stainless steel and a supporting aluminium frame. Our other models (Access and Premium) are manufactured completely with stainless steel.

Each unit is designed to stand the test of time with heavy duty frames and corrosion resistant options as well as being vandal resistant. The Furphy Intuitive Cooking Control System is protected from the weather by the robust metal exterior.

Tough and durable


Download the PDF flyer to see our full BBQ range.

Cooking Performance and Easy Cleaning/Maintenance

Our units are renowned for their ease of use and superior performance. Consistent results and even heat distribution account for the popularity of our commercial barbecue equipment.

With a simple push-button initialisation, Furphy Barbecue hot plates are auto-sterilized by the rapid increase of heat to 230˚C. We have ensured even heat distribution for large public events where every inch of the hot plate will be in use and our Intuitive Cooking Control System uses digital technology to monitor the plate temperature and makes adjustments accordingly. Consistent results are easy to achieve with our top rated Furphy Barbecue.

 Cooking performance
Easy cleaning and maintenance

Warranty and After Sales Service 

Furphy Foundry Barbecues come with a five-year structural warranty. Each unit is also accompanied by a two-year electrical warranty. This means that your local appliance is insured for years to come. All of our units are supported by nationwide servicing and access to barbecue equipment and supplies.

Although our top rated Barbecue units are rarely subject to malfunction, you can be sure that you will be supported in the event of an equipment failure. Longevity is our vision for each project we work on. With our warranty and after sales service, any problems can be resolved quickly and with little disruption to public life.

 Warranty and after sales service  

Custom Options

Every space is unique. You can commission a custom electric barbecue that services your individual design requirements. Common construction preferences involve brick, timber or metal frames, as well as customised accessibility options. Our outdoor barbecues are designed with a very high regard for functional and logistical requirements.

Here at Furphy Foundry, we have created bespoke barbecues for a range of environments, including the following:

  • Public park spaces
  • Rest stops and lookout points
  • Caravan and holiday parks
  • Camping grounds
  • Schools and universities 
  • Residential blocks
  • Hostels and student accommodation

​You can purchase a full suite of furniture to accompany your Furphy Foundry Barbecue equipment. Furnish your entire space with functional equipment designed for public use. Take a look at our extensive range and contact us with any questions or requests.



After you have viewed our range of stainless steel barbecues for sale, you can request our barbecue installation services. At Furphy Foundry, we complete installation projects across the nation. Our services extend to every state.

Rural requests are very common so please do not hesitate to contact us with an installation project. You can find out more about our electric barbecue running requirements through a consultation with one of our team members.

Have your neighbourhood sizzling with anticipation for the best outdoor Barbecue in Australia. Contact Furphy Foundry and furnish your recreational space today.





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