Drop-in/custom options


Custom BBQ options

Any space and any environment can enjoy the quality cooking, low maintenance and easy cleaning features of the Furphy’s Intuitive Cooking System.

If you have individual design requirements, you can opt for the Furphy drop-in hot plate (the same plate mounted within the Evolve, Access and Premium Barbecues) in concert with your individual designs.

Whether your custom barbecue construction preference is brick, timber or metal, ask Furphy about the design of your entire suite, or Furphy can simply supply and/or install of our hot plate system, made from 444 grade stainless steel) and cooking system.

Furphy can supply any custom solution for any unique requirement.

Drop in option

All the benefits of the Furphy hotplate, and its Intuitive Cooking System are available by retrofitting existing barbecues.




Furphy Barbecue brochure

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